Orientation is one of the most important purposes of educational community, even though it is not an actual school subject.

Our students enjoy different ways of assisting students in choosing their future.

Thanks to an interactive method, students receive information about proposed training program from different educational systems, particularly in the French system, while getting acquainted with the world of work during internships in enterprises.

Several websites dedicated to orientation:


PARCOURSUP is a mandatory step for Grade 12 students to enroll into university and the students have been supervised since the beginning of the school year.

In order to help our students to ‘visualise’ themselves in participating in higher education we offer “orientation forums” and presentations of universities from all over the world.

Our school cooperates with Nazarbayev University, which grants our students an opportunity to visit and work in their University Library. This, in turn, increases students’ anticipation of university life.

Students’ acquaintance with post-bac studies at university should experience an impression of what the world of work looks like. In addition, terms applied in economic and social sciences, we implement certain number of actions, starting from Middle School. Students discover and apply recommendations about professions, meet specialists in different fields: engineers, aero astronauts, diplomats, professional sportsmen or artists!

The professional observation internship in Grade 9 is one of the highlights of the immersion in the professional world].

The internship, fixed by the Ministry of National Education, lasts one week and lets student make numerous discoveries.

So, our students have a chance to take internship in Nur-Sultan, as well as in France.